Cellular Emulator Quick Start


This topic briefly describes the general system setup and configuration steps for Cellular Emulator.


Cellular Emulator is installed together with the Windows Mobile 6.5.3 DTK. The Cellular Emulator will act as a software wireless radio and interpret the AT commands sent out from a Windows Mobile 6.5 image. The current version of Cellular Emulator only works with Device Emulator.

Running Cellular Emulator

  1. Launch the Cellular Emulator (Start/All Programs/Windows Mobile 6.5.3 DTK/Tools/Cellular Emulator) and the Device Emulator.
  2. Read the COM port configuration from the status bar of the Cellular Emulator main window.
  3. In the Device Emulator, go to File/Configure and select the Peripherals tab.
  4. Map the Serial port 0 of Device Emulator to the specific COM number obtained from step 2
  5. Soft reset the Device Emulator (File/Reset/Soft).

Shutdown the Cellular Emulator

The close button of the Cellular Emulator main windows will only send the application to the tray panel. To close the application, right click the tray icon and select Exit.

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