Debugging Windows Mobile Applications


Windows Mobile developers can use the powerful Visual Studio debugging features to examine their code in action.

Applications can be debugged both on the emulator and on a real, physical device. Using the emulator is a good way to test your application on differently-localized devices. The Visual Studio Remote Tools, such as Remote Spy, are extremely useful for observing your code and how it behaves on the (real or emulated) device.


The default security settings on a particular device may prevent debugging from taking place. In this situation, use the Device Emulator, or contact your device supplier for information on changing the security polices. For more information, see Deployment, Setup, Security and You and Security, GPS and Resolution Awareness Tools.

Debugging Resources

Links to general debugging topics in the Visual Studio online Help that apply to Windows Mobile development.

Debugging Native Code

Links to topics about debugging C++ applications.

Debugging Managed Code

Links to topics about debugging C# and Visual Basic.NET debugging.

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