Windows Mobile Message Boxes


The message box displays notifications and prompts the user for input. You create a message box by using the Windows Embedded CE MessageBox function.

The message box on Windows Mobile Standard expands to full screen with the input options located on the soft key bar.

Note that beginning with Windows Mobile 6.5.3, soft keys are replaced by touchable tiles on Windows Mobile Professional phones.

Windows Mobile Standard supports only the uType parameter values for the input options described in the following table.

uType parameter value Description


Default OK input option.


OK and Cancel input options.


Retry and Cancel input options.


Yes and No input options.

When the hWnd parameter value is NULL, the message box uses the Home screen as the parent window. When the user presses the Home key, the message box is hidden briefly (approximately one minute).

When the user presses the Back key, the message box closes and the MessageBox function returns one of the following values:

  • OK if the soft key bar contains only a single soft key.
  • No or Cancel if the soft key bar contains two soft keys.

For more information about the Back key, see Navigation Keys.

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