Updating Applications to Windows Mobile 6.5


Windows Mobile 6.5 provides compatibility with applications designed for Windows Mobile Version 5.0. Most applications designed for Windows Mobile Version 5.0 run on devices for Windows Mobile 6.5 without modification. You can build a single executable that runs on both Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6.5 by using the Windows Mobile Version 5.0 SDK, the Windows Mobile Professional SDK, or the Windows Mobile Standard SDK. An application that implements functionality implemented in Windows Mobile 6.5 might behave differently on Windows Mobile 6.5 than Windows Mobile Version 5.0. The following table shows features that are new or have been changed since Windows Mobile Version 5.0.

Feature Description

The .NET Compact Framework version 2 SP2 is in ROM

Developing with Managed Code

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition is in ROM

Writing Applications that Access Databases

New Windows Mobile Ink features

Windows Mobile Ink

New Sound playback APIs

Sounds Reference

Improved JavaScript/DOM functionality for AJAX applications

Programming with Internet Explorer Mobile and AJAX

Updated security policies

What's New in Security for Windows Mobile 6

New encryption features

Mobile Encryption

New messaging application features

What's New in Messaging for Windows Mobile 6


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