BrushMappingMode Enumeration

Specifies the coordinate system used by a Brush.

<object property="EnumerationValue" .../>
value = "EnumerationValue"

Enumeration Values

Value Description
RelativeToBoundingBox The coordinate system is relative to a bounding box: 0 indicates 0 percent of the bounding box and 1 indicates 100 percent of the bounding box. For example, (0.5, 0.5) describes a point in the middle of the bounding box, and (1, 1) describes a point at the bottom right of the bounding box.
Absolute The coordinate system is not relative to a bounding box. Values are interpreted directly in local space.


Note that the bounding box concept for the RelativeToBoundingBox value depends on the property with which this enumeration is used. For LinearGradientBrush the bounding box is left to right in the full brush application area. For RadialGradientBrush the bounding box is centered on the radiant center and encompasses the ellipse that the brush defines.

Applies To

MappingMode (LinearGradientBrush), MappingMode (RadialGradientBrush)