DependencyObject Object (Abstract)

Provides Silverlight property system services.

Must use derived objects.
Must use derived objects.




Equals, FindName, GetHost, GetValue, SetValue

Derived Objects

Accessibility, ArcSegment, BeginStoryboard, BezierSegment, Boolean, Brush, Canvas, Collection, Color, ColorAnimation, ColorAnimationUsingKeyFrames, ColorKeyFrame, ColorKeyFrameCollection, DiscreteColorKeyFrame, DiscreteDoubleKeyFrame, DiscretePointKeyFrame, Double, DoubleAnimation, DoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrames, DoubleKeyFrame, DoubleKeyFrameCollection, Downloader, DrawingAttributes, Duration, Ellipse, EllipseGeometry, ErrorEventArgs, EventTrigger, Geometry, GeometryCollection, GeometryGroup, Glyphs, GradientStop, GradientStopCollection, Image, ImageBrush, InkPresenter, KeyboardEventArgs, KeySpline, KeyTime, Line, LinearColorKeyFrame, LinearDoubleKeyFrame, LinearGradientBrush, LinearPointKeyFrame, LineBreak, LineGeometry, LineSegment, Matrix, MatrixTransform, MediaAttribute, MediaAttributeCollection, MediaElement, MouseEventArgs, ParserErrorEventArgs, Path, PathFigure, PathFigureCollection, PathGeometry, PathSegment, PathSegmentCollection, Point, PointAnimation, PointAnimationUsingKeyFrames, PointKeyFrame, PointKeyFrameCollection, PolyBezierSegment, Polygon, Polyline, PolyLineSegment, PolyQuadraticBezierSegment, QuadraticBezierSegment, RadialGradientBrush, Rect, Rectangle, RectangleGeometry, RepeatBehavior, ResourceDictionary, RotateTransform, Run, RuntimeErrorEventArgs, ScaleTransform, Shape, SkewTransform, SolidColorBrush, SplineColorKeyFrame, SplineDoubleKeyFrame, SplinePointKeyFrame, Storyboard, Stretch, Stroke, StrokeCollection, StylusInfo, StylusPoint, StylusPointCollection, TextBlock, Timeline, TimelineCollection, TimelineMarker, TimelineMarkerCollection, TimelineMarkerEventArgs, TimeSpan, Transform, TransformCollection, TransformGroup, TranslateTransform, TriggerActionCollection, TriggerCollection, UIElement, VisualCollection, VideoBrush


The DependencyObject class enables Silverlight property system services on its many derived objects, such as UIElement. It provides get and set utility methods for values of properties that exist on the DependencyObject.

The DependencyObject class also supports the ability to get object references to other objects in the runtime tree, through setting the Name property initially in XAML, and then obtaining the object at runtime with FindName.

A number of features that enable input are not exposed by DependencyObject and instead exist on UIElement. There are DependencyObject derived objects such as geometries that do not support input events because they are not also a UIElement. Instead, you must process input that comes from a containing UIElement, such as the Path that contains the geometries as data.

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