DoubleKeyFrame Object (Abstract)

Base class for specific animation key frame techniques that define an animation segment with its own target value and interpolation method for a DoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrames.

Must use derived objects.
Must use derived objects.


KeyTime, Name, Value


Equals, FindName, GetHost, GetValue, SetValue

Derived Objects

DiscreteDoubleKeyFrame, LinearDoubleKeyFrame, SplineDoubleKeyFrame


DoubleKeyFrame is an abstract class that defines Double value type key frames for three different techniques of key frame animation: DiscreteDoubleKeyFrame, LinearDoubleKeyFrame, SplineDoubleKeyFrame. To animate a Double with key frames, you define a DoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrames animation, and populate its KeyFrames property with one or more DiscreteDoubleKeyFrame, LinearDoubleKeyFrame, or SplineDoubleKeyFrame elements that define the key frames.

For more information, see the following DoubleKeyFrame derived objects: DiscreteDoubleKeyFrame, LinearDoubleKeyFrame, SplineDoubleKeyFrame.

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