Hosted HTML Applications

Windows Media Center takes advantage of MSHTML to host HTML applications. This means that an application that you develop for Windows Media Center can use most of the same technologies that you use when developing applications for Windows Internet Explorer 7, and it can be displayed within the Windows Media Center environment. Your HTML application has access to almost all of the Internet Explorer Document Object Model (DOM), plus a subset of Windows Media Center functionality.

Windows Media Center hosts the engine for Internet Explorer within Windows Media Center's own browser window. Scripting for HTML applications in Windows Media Center is similar to scripting for Internet Explorer. The same scripting languages are supported, as are dynamic HTML (DHTML), cascading style sheets, and the Internet Explorer object model. In addition to the normal Internet Explorer features, Windows Media Center enables Web pages to control various Windows Media Center functions that occur outside the HTML host, such as media playback.

These Windows Media Center functions are accessed through the MediaCenter object, from the window.external object. For detailed reference information about the properties and methods supported by MediaCenter and its related objects, see Hosted HTML Object Model Reference.

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