.NET for Visual FoxPro

Find technical information with a Visual FoxPro perspective for learning and programming on the Microsoft .NET platform. Visual FoxPro 9.0 is compatible with Visual Studio .NET in many ways including the ability to consume XML Web services and in passing XML data to and from Visual FoxPro databases and ADO.NET DataSets. Here are a list of useful resources on the topic of .NET for Visual FoxPro developers.


.NET for Visual FoxPro Developers

The complete 500 page .NET for Visual FoxPro Developers book written by Kevin McNeish and edited by Cathi Gero is now online.


CoDe Magazine Content Online
Component Developer Magazine (CoDe) is a bi-monthly magazine containing detailed explanations of Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework, as well as other new Microsoft technologies and developer tools. Written by real-life developers who actually use the tools they write about, CoDe is a "must-have" reference for serious .NET and database developers.
MSDN Magazine
The Microsoft journal for developers.

Samples and Utilities

.NET Samples for Visual FoxPro Developers
Download samples containing different projects and source files which are designed to show how how some common Visual FoxPro functionally is created in Visual Basic .NET.
Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET
The Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET is a free class library with over 225 Visual FoxPro functions for use with any .NET language. The included VFPToolkitNET.DLL is a .NET managed code DLL (not a COM wrapper) and does not require Visual FoxPro. Includes full documentation and source code.


TakeNote Training
Hands on training workshops focused on .NET technologies (VB.NET, ASP.NET, & DotNetNuke), SQL Server and Visual FoxPro taught by expert trainer and software developer Jim Duffy of TakeNote Technologies.


Modern Application Development: Visual FoxPro and .NET
Whitepaper by EPS Software on VFPConversion.com on Visual FoxPro and .NET. Visual Studio .NET has been build specifically for fulfilling needs of the current software generation. How does Visual FoxPro fit into the picture? Should you move to .NET to be competitive? Or should you just add .NET to your toolbox in addition to VFP? Read this whitepaper to find out when you might want to use Visual FoxPro, and when technologies such as Visual Studio .NET, the .NET Framework, and SQL Server might be more beneficial.
VFPConversion Whitepapers

Articles and papers provided and maintained by EPS Software Corp., although some of the provided links may be external and navigate to other sites.

West-Wind Whitepapers and Downloads
Articles and free utilities by Rick Strahl on Visual FoxPro with .NET, COM/.NET interoperability, and more.
Prenia Whitepapers and Downloads

Articles, sample code, and slides by Cathi Gero on Visual FoxPro with .NET, COM/.NET interoperability, and more.

Using ASP.NET in Visual Studio .NET with Visual FoxPro
MSDN article about key technologies involved in using Visual Studio .NET to create Web Forms using ASP.NET and ADO.NET. Four fully documented examples illustrating how Visual FoxPro can be used in this environment are included.
Creating Mobile Solutions for Visual FoxPro Developers
MSDN article about the ASP.NET Mobile Controls and how they enable you to build a Web-based presentation layer for your Visual FoxPro application that targets multiple mobile devices.

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