DirectX Caps Viewer Tool

The DirectX Caps Viewer (DXCapsViewer.exe) shows information for the following components:

  • Direct3D devices and capabilities
  • DirectSound capture devices and capabilities
  • DirectInput devices and their capabilities

Compatibility Chart

Direct3D 9 Direct3D 10 Direct3D 11 64-bit Native Mode Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7









Caps viewer shows the DirectDraw capabilities of the primary display adapter:


Screen shot of DirectX Caps Viewer


Developers should use this tool to verify the capabilities of their development and test computers, making sure that DirectX applications correctly test for current computer capabilities. It is suggested that applications be designed with fallback strategies if the required features are not available.


Executable: (SDK root)\Utilities\Bin\x86 or x64


User's Guide

Select items in the tree view on the left. Information about the selected item appears in the pane on the right.


The DXGI section shows Direct3D 10, Direct3D 10.1, and Direct3D 11 devices. As the majority of format support is required in the definition of these APIs, the tool only shows "optional" features that may or may not be present. The Direct3D 10 "Features" node, the "D3D10_FEATURE_LEVEL_*" nodes, and the "D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_8" nodes show a summary of the features available derived for the given hardware feature level. The remainder of the nodes show the results of CheckFormatSupport and CheckFeatureSupport calls for optional format usage.

The Direct3D9, DirectDraw, DirectSound, DirectSoundCapture, and DirectInput sections show all the capability bits for those devices.

The tool no longer supports Direct3D 8 or prior, DirectPlay, or DirectMusic.



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Build date: 3/11/2010