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The WMDM_PROP_CONFIG structure describes a set of compatible property values across all the properties supported by the device for a particular format. This structure contains a number of property descriptions in an array of WMDM_PROP_DESC structures.


typedef struct _WMDM_PROP_CONFIG{UINT  nPreference;UINT  nPropDesc;[size_is(nPropDesc)] WMDM_PROP_DESC*  pPropDesc;} WMDM_PROP_CONFIG;



Device's level of preference for this configuration. The lowest value indicates the most preferred configuration.


Number of property descriptions contained in this configuration. There is a single property description for each property supported for the specified format.


Pointer to an array of WMDM_PROP_DESC structures containing property descriptions. The size of the array is equal to the value of nPropDesc. The application must free this memory when finished with it.


The WMDM_FORMAT_CAPABILITY structure returned by IWMDMDevice3::GetFormatCapability for a particular format consists of a number of property configurations. WMDM_PROP_CONFIG structures describe those configurations.

A property configuration describes values for all the properties supported for a given format. The values of different properties in a single configuration are compatible with each other. For example, for an audio file, a configuration will include valid values of sample rate and valid values of the bit rate such that all combinations of these sample and bit rates can be played on the device.

The caller is required to free the memory used by pPropDesc. For an example of how to do this, see WMDM_FORMAT_CAPABILITY.


Header: Defined in wmdm.idl.

Library: mssachlp.lib

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