IUrlAccessor2::GetRedirectedURL Method

Gets the redirected URL for the current item.


HRESULT GetRedirectedURL(      
    WCHAR wszRedirectedURL[],
    DWORD dwSize,
    DWORD *pdwLength


  • wszRedirectedURL
    [out]  Returns the re-directed URL as a null-terminated, Unicode string not including NULL.
  • dwSize
    [in]  Size in TCHARs of wszRedirectedURL.
  • pdwLength
    [out]  Returns a pointer to the number of TCHARs written to wszRedirectedURL not including NULL.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or an error value otherwise.


File URL is not redirected. This method only applies to a content source of HTTP.

If this method is implemented, the URL that is passed to ISearchProtocol::CreateAccessor will be redirected to the value returned by this method. All subsequent relative URL links will be processed based on the redirected URL.