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Specifies the channel matrix, which is used to convert the source channels into the destination channels (for example, to convert 5.1 to stereo).

Constant for IPropertyBag

Available only by using IPropertyStore.

Data Type



The value of the property is a matrix of Ns x Nd coefficients, where Ns is the number of source channels and Nd is the number of destination channels. Coefficients are specified in decibels using the following formula:


The matrix is stored as an array in row-major order where the row number is the source channel and the column number is the destination channel.

Thus, if the matrix is the following:

00       01       ...      0(Ns-1)
10       11       ...      1(Ns-1)
...      ...      ...      ...
(Nd-1)0  (Nd-1)1  ...      (Nd-1)(Ns-1)

then you would specify the array as:

[ 00, 01, ..., 0(Ns-1), 10, 11, ..., 1(Ns-1), ..., (Nd-1)0, (Nd-1)1, ..., (Nd-1)(Ns-1) ]

Applies To


Client: Requires Windows Vista or Windows XP.

Header: Include wmcodecdsp.h.

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