ColorOperator.AdjustContrast(Color,Single) Method (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Adjusts the contrast value of a color.


Visual Basic Public Shared Function AdjustContrast( _
    ByVal c As ColorLeave Site, _
    ByVal s As Single _
) As ColorLeave Site
C# public static ColorLeave Site AdjustContrast(
    ColorLeave Site c,
    float s
C++ public:
static ColorLeave Site AdjustContrast(
    ColorLeave Site c,
    float s
JScript public static function AdjustContrast(
    c : ColorLeave Site,
    s : float
) : ColorLeave Site;


c System.Drawing.Color
A ColorLeave Site object that specifies the color to adjust.
s System.Single
Floating-point value that represents the contrast value to apply to the given color. See Remarks.

Return Value

Returns a ColorLeave Site object that represents the result of the contrast adjustment.


The s parameter linearly interpolates between 50 percent gray and the color. There are no limits on the parameter's value. If the value is 0, the returned color is 50 percent gray. If the value is 1, the returned color is the original color. If s is greater than 0 and less than 1, the contrast is decreased; if it is greater than 1, the contrast is increased.

The input alpha channel is copied, unmodified, to the output alpha channel.