VolumeTexture.LockBox(Int32,LockFlags,LockedBox) Method (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Locks a box on a volume texture resource.


Visual Basic Public Function LockBox( _
    ByVal level As Integer, _
    ByVal flags As LockFlags, _
    ByRef lockedVolume As LockedBox _
) As GraphicsStream
C# public GraphicsStream LockBox(
    int level,
    LockFlags flags,
    out LockedBox lockedVolume
C++ public:
    int level,
    LockFlags flags,
    [Out] LockedBoxlockedVolume
JScript public function LockBox(
    level : int,
    flags : LockFlags,
    lockedVolume : LockedBox
) : GraphicsStream;


level System.Int32
Value that specifies a level of the texture resource to lock.
flags Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.LockFlags
Zero or more locking flags that describe the type of lock to perform. For this method, the valid flags are Discard, NoDirtyUpdate, NoSystemLock, and ReadOnly. For a description of the flags, see LockFlags.
lockedVolume Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.LockedBox
A LockedBox structure that describes the locked region.

Return Value

A GraphicsStream object that describes the locked region.


For performance reasons, dirty regions are recorded only for level 0 of a texture. Dirty regions are automatically recorded when Texture.LockRectangle is called without NoDirtyUpdate or ReadOnly. For more information, see Device.UpdateTexture.



The method call is invalid. For example, a method's parameter might contain an invalid value.

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