DrawTextInRect Method (String, Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32, UInt32, Color, Font)

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Draws text in a specified rectangle.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SPOT
Assembly:  Microsoft.SPOT.Graphics (in Microsoft.SPOT.Graphics.dll)


Public Sub DrawTextInRect ( _
    text As String, _
    x As Integer, _
    y As Integer, _
    width As Integer, _
    height As Integer, _
    dtFlags As UInteger, _
    color As Color, _
    font As Font _
public void DrawTextInRect(
    string text,
    int x,
    int y,
    int width,
    int height,
    uint dtFlags,
    Color color,
    Font font
void DrawTextInRect(
    String^ text, 
    int x, 
    int y, 
    int width, 
    int height, 
    unsigned int dtFlags, 
    Color color, 
    Font^ font
member DrawTextInRect : 
        text:string * 
        x:int * 
        y:int * 
        width:int * 
        height:int * 
        dtFlags:uint32 * 
        color:Color * 
        font:Font -> unit 
public function DrawTextInRect(
    text : String, 
    x : int, 
    y : int, 
    width : int, 
    height : int, 
    dtFlags : uint, 
    color : Color, 
    font : Font


  • text
    Type: System. . :: . .String
    The text to be drawn. This parameter contains the remaining text, or an empty string, if the complete text string did not fit in the specified rectangle.


If a bitmap is embedded as a resource, and its BitmapImageType is Bmp, then the Bitmap object is read-only, and attempts to modify it will throw an exception. You must make a copy of it using Bitmap.DrawImage, and modify the copy, as shown in the following code:

Bitmap bmpMyBitmap = Resources.GetBitmap(Resources.BitmapResources.MyBitmap);
        Bitmap bmpCopy = new Bitmap(bmpMyBitmap.Width, bmpMyBitmap.Height);
        // copy the bitmap
        bmpCopy.DrawImage(0, 0, bmpMyBitmap, 0, 0, bmpMyBitmap.Width, bmpMyBitmap.Height);
        // now you may modify the copy using any Bitmap method

The .NET Micro Framework provides the Microsoft.SPOT.Bitmap class for lower-level access, such as animation. For displaying static bitmaps and hyperlinked bitmaps, use the Image control.

.NET Framework Security

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