How to: Create Custom Graphs in Load Test Results


You can design graphs that display specific information about load test results. You design a custom graph by specifying the load test counters that the graph will display.

You can perform the following procedure either while a load test is running or after it has finished running.


  • Visual Studio Enterprise

To create a custom load test results graph

  1. On the Load Test toolbar, choose Add New Graph.

    - or -

    On the Load Test Analyzer, right-click in the Counters panel or in a graph, and then select Add Graph.

    The Enter Graph Name dialog box is displayed.

  2. Under Graph name, type a name for the graph, and choose OK.

    The new graph appears in the Load Test Analyzer. It appears in the currently selected graph panel; it replaces the graph that was displayed in that panel.

  3. Customize the new graph by adding counters. For more information, see How to: Add and Delete Counters on Graphs.

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