DocumentErrorEventArgs.WarningLevelAsErrors property [SDM]

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Note: This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change.

Gets the minimum warning level that should be treated as errors. For example, if the Compiler.WarningLevelAsErrors property is 1, fatal errors (value 0) and warnings that will likely cause a failure in the next compilation stage or an error in the instance space simulator (value 1) are treated as errors. Warnings that should be fixed but can be ignored (value 2) and informational messages (value 3) are treated as warnings.

public WarningLevel WarningLevelAsErrors {get;}



Defined in Microsoft.SystemDefinitionModel.Tools.


Requires SdmCompile (in SdmCompile.dll).

.NET Framework

Requires .NET Framework 2.0.

See Also

Microsoft.SystemDefinitionModel.Tools, DocumentErrorEventArgs, WarningLevel

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