Silverlight Fundamentals

The overviews in this section describe general concepts such as events, text, mouse and keyboard support, and error handling in Microsoft Silverlight, and provide techniques for improving the performance and accessibility of your Silverlight-based applications.

  • Events: Explains how to work with events, which notify the application of changes in Silverlight state and user input.

  • Mouse Support: Explains how to respond to mouse actions, such as moving or clicking the mouse.

  • Keyboard Support: Explains how to respond to keystroke actions.

  • Downloading Content on Demand: Explains how to use the Downloader object, which downloads application data, such as XAML content, JavaScript content, and images.

  • Text and Fonts: Describes how you can create and format text, apply transforms, and download fonts for your Silverlight-based application.

  • Error Handling: Describes the different ways in which you can provide error-handling support in your Silverlight-based application.

  • Error Messages: Provides a series of error message tables associated with respective Silverlight error events.

  • Silverlight URL Access Policy: Provides a summary of Silverlight URL access policies for cross-domain access, cross-zone access, cookie access, etc.

  • Accessibility: Provides an overview of techniques to make your Silverlight-based applications more accessible.

  • Performance Tips: Lists some tips for ensuring that your Silverlight-based application runs fast and smoothly.

  • How to: Create a Timer: Describes how to use the Storyboard object to make function calls at every frame or at a time interval of your choice, effectively providing the functionality of a timer.

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