The IPimSrcContactListIcon interface provides a method for customizing the Contact icon associated with a particular Source Provider, when Contacts appear in the Contact list view.

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IPimSrcContactListIcon methods Description


Enables a Source Provider to draw an alternate icon for its associated Contact items when they appear in the Contact list view.


Source Providers and their associated SourceID's are part of a mechanism that supports per-provider customization of the PIM experience on Windows Mobile devices.

A Source Provider is a custom function that customizes the PIM user experience. Typically, a Source Provider has a corresponding associate function that is responsible for synchronizing PIM data with the Windows Mobile device. Data synchronized with the Windows Mobile device by this associate function is marked with a Source Identification tag (SourceID). When Outlook Mobile displays a PIM item, it checks to see if the item has a SourceID. If it finds one, it invokes the related Source Provider, which customizes the user interface for the PIM item.

In addition, when the user enters new PIM data on the Windows Mobile device, they will be able to select the Source Provider to use.


The default user interface is used if the SourceID is zero, or if the SourceID is not registered, or if the Source Provider function causes an exception.


Header pimstore.h
Library Pimstore.lib
Windows Mobile Pocket PC for Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and later, Smartphone for Windows Mobile Version 5.0 and later

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