Represents an object that is useful for annotation scenarios where users are not concerned with performing recognition on ink but instead are interested in the size, shape, color, and position of the ink.

The IInkOverlay object is well suited for note taking and basic scribbling. The primary intended use of this object is to display ink as ink.

In general, the run-time user interface for this object is a transparent window with opaque ink.

The MouseDown, MouseMove, and MouseUp events return x– and y–coordinates in pixels, and not the HIMETRIC units that are associated with the ink space. This is because these events replace the mouse events of pen–unaware applications and these applications understand only pixels.

To improve your application's performance, dispose your IInkOverlay object when it is no longer needed.

In This Section

MFC Implementation Notes

If you attached the InkOverlay object to a CView object, release the InkOverlay object in response to the WM_DESTROY message as shown in the following example:

BOOL CRecognitionAlternatesSampleCppView::OnWndMsg(UINT msg, WPARAM wp, PARAM lp, LRESULT *pLR)
  if(WM_DESTROY == msg)
  return CView::OnWndMsg(msg, wp, lp, pLR);

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