Controlling the Map

You are not viewing the latest version of the AJAX control. Bing Maps AJAX V7 is the recommended JavaScript control for Bing Maps. If you need this documentation, it is available in as a CHM or PDF download.

After you have a map on your Web page, you can programmatically change the map. You can change the map style, adjust the zoom level, pan the map to a new location, show and hide the default navigation control, and add your own controls to the map.

Changing the Map View

There are several ways you can programmatically change the map view. You can:

Showing and Hiding Controls

You can show and hide the default map navigation control by calling the VEMap.HideDashboard Method and VEMap.ShowDashboard Method. You can also create your own map navigation control in HTML, and then add the control to the map by calling the VEMap.AddControl Method.