Windows Mobile Ink Interfaces


This topic contains a list of elements that pertain to the Windows Mobile Ink API.

In This Section

  • IInkDisp
    Represents strokes of ink in ink space.
  • IInkDrawingAttributes
    Represents the attributes that define how the stroke is rendered by the renderer.
  • IInkOverlay
    Collects ink from the Windows Mobile device's digitizer surface.
  • IInkRecognitionResult
    Represents the result of the recognition of handwritten ink. The recognition result is the most likely alternate.
  • IInkRecognizer
    Represents the ability to create a recognizer context, retrieve its attributes and properties, and determine which packet properties the recognizer needs to perform recognition.

    For a collection of recognizers, use IInkRecognizers.

  • IInkRecognizerContext
    Enables the recognizers installed on a system to perform ink recognition, retrieve the recognition result, and retrieve alternates.
  • IInkRectangle
    Represents a rectangle callable through an automation interface.
  • IInkRenderer
    Represents the management of mappings from ink to the display window.

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