Represents the collected strokes of ink within an ink space.

An InkDisp object is a container of stroke (point) data. The stroke data, or the points collected by the pen, are put into an InkDisp object. The IInkDisp::Strokes property contains the data for all strokes within the InkDisp object.

The IInkOverlay object control collects points from the input device and puts them into an InkDisp object. These objects essentially act as the source that distributes ink into one or many different InkDisp objects, which act as containers that hold the distributed ink.

The ink space is a virtual coordinate space to which the coordinates of the tablet context are mapped. This space is fixed to a HIMETRIC coordinate system. In ink space coordinates, a move from 0 to 1 equals 1 HIMETRIC unit. This mapping makes it easy to relate multiple InkDisp objects.

The IInkRenderer object manages the mappings between ink and the display window.

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