Home Screen Reference (Windows Mobile Standard)



These topics apply to the Home screen on Windows Mobile Standard not the Home screen on Windows Mobile Professional or Windows Mobile Classic. For information on programming elements for Windows Mobile Professional and Windows Mobile Classic see Home Screen Reference (Windows Mobile Professional).

Windows Mobile Standard Home screen APIs enable the creation of a customized starting page for users. The Home screen is the first screen that is displayed each time the device is turned on and is the point from which users can open programs, access personal information, browse the Web, and initiate calls.

You can customize the Home screen to display information that your users require, including data from Personal Information Manager (PIM) applications and Web and network services. You can also modify the Home screen to display brand and logo information, and you can install multiple Home screen layouts to enable the user to personalize the device by choosing the layout that he or she prefers.

For a sample, please refer to Code Samples for Windows Mobile.

The following members are included in the Home screen API:

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