The IPimSrcContactNew interface provides a method that gives users the option to associate a Contact with a particular Source Provider—when they create a new Contact.

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Alters the flow of control at the point where users create a new Contact item. This method displays the Choose Contact Type screen, populating it's selection list with alternate Contact types. Once users make their selection, this method creates a new Contact item as usual, but also tags it with the Source ID of the associated Source Provider.


Source Providers and their associated Source ID's are part of a mechanism that supports per-provider customization of the PIM experience on Windows Mobile devices.

A Source Provider is a custom function that customizes the PIM user experience. Typically, a Source Provider has a corresponding associate function that is responsible for synchronizing PIM data with the Windows Mobile device. Data synchronized with the Windows Mobile device by this associate function is marked with a Source identification tag (Source ID). When Outlook Mobile displays a PIM item, it checks to see if the item has a Source ID. If it finds one, it invokes the Source Provider, which customizes the user interface for the PIM item.

In addition, when the user enters new PIM data on the Windows Mobile device, they will be able to select the Source Provider to use.


PIM items with a Source ID value of zero just use the default user interface.

For more information, see Pocket Outlook Object Model Registry Settings.


Header pimstore.h
Library Pimstore.lib
Windows Mobile Windows Mobile 6 and later

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