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The Enterprise Learning Framework (ELF) is an online guidance tool that helps Microsoft customers develop a user training and communication plan for the deployment of Windows Vista™ and the 2007 Microsoft® Office system. Information technology (IT) departments at enterprise organizations and training and communication managers are the intended audience for the ELF. The most important output of the ELF for these users is a report in which the user specifies the timeframe (for example, Week Before), the user category (for example, Information Workers), and the product (for example, Windows Vista) and receives a list of recommended learning topics located at Windows Online Help and Office Online. While several variations of this task are available, this is the heart of the ELF tool. These learning topics can be used as part of the organization’s communication plan, which is often implemented through e-mail to users.

The user training component provides content relevant to the stage of deployment and user scenarios. This content helps users learn about and use the new functionality of Windows Vista and the 2007 Office system. The ELF also helps customers develop user awareness of the deployment on the basis of a timeline that starts one month before deployment begins and extends one month after deployment ends. At each point, the ELF tool provides a list of online user assistance (Help) topics most appropriate at that stage.


The ELF tool identifies a selected set of topics from Windows Online Help and Office Online that are relevant for several categories of users at specific stages of deployment, at different timeframes of deployment, and for different types of users and scenarios. Based on the selections, ELF users are given a list of recommended training topics with URL links to Windows Online Help and Office Online. Optionally, the ELF can build a sample employee e-mail message and document file that users can use as-is or modify according to their organization’s needs.

The ELF tool is advantageous to training, communication, and deployment managers, because it provides help with the following objectives:

  • Raising awareness. Preparing employees for the deployment and helping them understand how Windows Vista and the 2007 Office system will benefit them

  • Minimizing disruption. Identifying a small, manageable number of learning topics to get employees up and running quickly on day one

  • Gaining productivity. Identifying the most important learning topics for improving productivity as employees continue to use Windows Vista

  • Shortening training. Providing beneficial user training topics that require only a few minutes of employee time to review

Details about the features, benefits, and usage of the ELF tool are explained in the following sections.


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