Installing BDD 2007

Complete the following steps to install BDD 2007 (BDD2007_*platform.*msi, where platform is either x86 or x64):

  1. Right-click BDD2007_platform.msi, and then click Install.

  2. Click Next to skip the welcome page.

  3. On the End-User License Agreement page, review the license agreement. If the terms are agreeable, click** I accept the terms in the License Agreement**, and then click Next.

  4. On the Custom Setup page, choose the features to install, and then click Next. To change a feature’s state, click the feature, and then choose a state (Will be installed on local hard drive, Entire feature will be unavailable, and so on).

    The following list describes each feature:

    • Documents. This feature installs the solution’s guidance and job aids. By default, this feature is installed in C:\Program Files\BDD 2007\Documentation. The prerequisites for installing this feature are Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and MMC 3.0.

    • Tools and templates. This feature installs the solution’s wizards and template deployment files, such as Unattend.xml. By default, this feature is installed in C:\Program Files\BDD 2007. The “Server” section earlier in this guide lists the prerequisites for installing this feature.

    • Distribution share. This feature creates a distribution share. By default, the installer creates the distribution folder in D:\Distribution, where D is the volume with the greatest amount of free disk space. To change the location of the distribution share, click the Distribution share feature, and then click Browse. The “Server” section earlier in this guide lists the prerequisites for installing this feature.

  5. Click Install to install the solution; then, click Finish to complete the installation.

    Note   To use the Deployment Workbench for tasks other than reviewing the documentation, you must log on to the computer using an account that is a member of the local Administrators group.

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Program Folders Program Folders
Distribution Share Distribution Share

Program Folders

Table 2 describes the subfolders in the BDD 2007 program folder (C:\Program Files\BDD 2007) after installing the solution.

Note The hard drive containing the program folders must have at least 1 gigabyte of free space available. BDD 2007 downloads components, including the Windows AIK, to the Downloads folder. The Windows AIK is approximately 1 gigabyte.

Table 2. BDD 2007 Program Folders




Contains the MMC Deployment Workbench add-in and supporting files


Contains the BDD 2007 documentation and job aids


Provides storage for components that BDD 2007 downloads


Contains the BDD 2007 management pack files


Contains sample task sequence scripts


Contains scripts that the Deployment Workbench uses


Contains template files that the Deployment Workbench uses


Provides temporary storage space for BDD 2007

Distribution Share

Table 3 describes the subfolders in the distribution folder after installing BDD 2007.

Note The distribution share provides storage for operating system source files, applications, images, device drivers, and so on. The recommendation is the hard drive containing the distribution share should have at least 5 gigabytes of free space available.

Table 3. BDD 2007 Distribution Folders




Provides storage for files to copy to the destination computer during Windows installation


Provides storage for application source files


Provides storage for Windows PE boot images (.wim and .iso); this folder does not appear until after updating a deployment point


Provides storage for captured images


Contains configuration data for the Deployment Workbench (The subfolders contain configuration data for each build created in the workbench.)

Operating Systems

Contains source files for each operating system added to the distribution share by using the Deployment Workbench

Out-of-Box Drivers

Provides storage for device drivers that do not ship with Windows Vista


Provides storage for packages to include in Windows Vista


Contains deployment scripts


Contains tools that BDD 2007 uses, including the task sequencer


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