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This section provides a high-level overview of the planning and deployment phases of user state migration. Use this information to help ensure that no crucial steps are missed.

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Envisioning Phase Envisioning Phase
Planning Phase Planning Phase
Developing Phase Developing Phase
Stabilizing Phase Stabilizing Phase
Deploying Phase Deploying Phase

Envisioning Phase

The focus of the Envisioning Phase is to evaluate the overall scope of the project to aid in the creation of the BDD (Beta) for Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system (BDD 2007) functional specification.


High-level steps in the Envisioning Phase



Initial scope of deployment defined

Planning Phase

The primary focus of the Planning Phase is to determine which elements of infrastructure must be upgraded to support the BDD 2007 project. Assessments performed by the Application Compatibility feature team and input from customer subject matter experts (SMEs) as well as direct inventory collection by the Infrastructure Remediation feature team will be evaluated to create an overall remediation plan.


High-level steps in the Planning Phase



Application inventory completed



Deployment Plan approved

Developing Phase

The primary focus of the Developing Phase is to upgrade the network and server architecture to support deployment.


High-level steps in the Developing Phase



Deployment architecture validated

Stabilizing Phase

In the Stabilizing Phase, the Infrastructure Remediation feature team evaluates the upgraded deployment infrastructure.


High-level steps in the Stabilizing Phase



Deployment readiness review completed

Deploying Phase

The Infrastructure Remediation feature team completes final infrastructure diagrams during the Deploying Phase.


High-level steps in the Deploying Phase



Final infrastructure diagrams completed


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