Monitor the effect on the infrastructure carefully while the deployment is performed. Figure 8 illustrates the Deploying Phase of the project life cycle, where the actual deployment tasks occur.

Figure 8. The Deploying Phase

Figure 8. The Deploying Phase

At this point in the deployment process, very little should occur that is not expected, but that does not mean that everything will be perfectly smooth. However, if the team has followed the process recommended in this guide, any issues that do arise can be quickly evaluated and appropriate action taken.

Ideally, if network discovery tools were used to obtain the infrastructure diagrams, these diagrams will be updated during the deployment. Doing so adds value by providing daily updates to the status of the deployment. Use these updates as part of the communication plan. Updates also aid the help desk in determining the effect of the computer deployment on day-to-day tasks and with other support calls, which can save time and reduce costs by supplying the right information to the right people.

Regardless of whether network discovery tools were used, the infrastructure diagrams and information should be updated throughout the deployment. Doing so adds value to the collected information.

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Roles and Responsibilities Roles and Responsibilities
Milestone: Deployment Complete Milestone: Deployment Complete

Roles and Responsibilities

Table 12 lists the focus areas for the different role clusters when performing the deployment.

Table 12. Roles and Responsibilities During the Deploying Phase

Role cluster


Product Management

  • Communications plan execution

  • Customer feedback

Program Management

  • Project tracking

  • Bug management


  • Bug resolution

User Experience

  • Training


  • Issue tracking

Release Management

  • Deployment management

  • Change approval

Milestone: Deployment Complete

At this milestone, the deployment is complete, and the new computers have been handed off to IT Operations. The team is responsible for updating the networking diagrams as the deployment proceeds and producing a final set of diagrams after the deployment is completely finalized. Table 13 describes the deliverables for this milestone.

Table 13. Deliverables

Deliverable ID


Final Infrastructure Diagrams

The final infrastructure diagrams are released after the deployment is completely finished.


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