IServerKeyGenerator.Initialize Method

Initializes the server key generator.

Namespace: Microsoft.Clm
Assembly: Microsoft.Clm.Common (in microsoft.clm.common.dll)


Function Initialize ( _
    data As String _
) As KeyGeneratorOptions
Dim instance As IServerKeyGenerator
Dim data As String
Dim returnValue As KeyGeneratorOptions

returnValue = instance.Initialize(data)
KeyGeneratorOptions Initialize (
    string data
KeyGeneratorOptions Initialize (
    String^ data
KeyGeneratorOptions Initialize (
    String data
function Initialize (
    data : String
) : KeyGeneratorOptions


  • data
    A String object that contains initialization data for the server key generator.

Return Value

A KeyGeneratorOptions value that indicates the options for how the server key generator generates keys.


Windows Server 2003 Enterprise/Data Center Edition SP1

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