Updating the Deployment Points

After the initial configuration, the team may need to make modifications to the images they create. These modifications may change configuration files (such as CustomSettings.ini) or add files to or remove them from images. After making these modifications to the images, update the deployment points that are used to deploy the images.

To update the deployment points

  1. Make the necessary modifications to the images or support files.

  2. Start Deployment Workbench.

  3. In the Deployment Workbench console, in the console tree, click Deploy.

  4. In the details pane, right-click deployment_point (where deployment_point is the name of the deployment point to update), and then click Update.

    The Update Deploy Point dialog box appears and indicates the progress for updating the deployment point. The dialog box closes when the process is complete.

  5. Close all open windows.


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