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This section provides a high-level overview of the planning and deployment phases of 2007 Office System deployment. Application Management feature team members should use this information to help ensure that no critical steps are missed.

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Planning Phase Planning Phase
Developing Phase Developing Phase
Stabilizing Phase Stabilizing Phase
Deploying Phase Deploying Phase

Planning Phase

The primary focus in this phase is to determine how the Application Management feature team will install 2007 Office system programs on client desktops. Team members along with customer subject matter experts (SMEs) will determine the mix of applications and settings to be deployed. The Application Management feature team will create a plan to deploy the 2007 Office release, including whether to create a “thick image” or “thin image” deployment.


High-level steps in the Planning Phase



Determine Microsoft Office application installation requirements.

Working with the organization’s SMEs, develop a plan that specifies which 2007 Office system programs will be deployed and which settings will be configured as part of 2007 Office system deployment.



Create a data migration plan.

The Microsoft Office deployment team will also inventory existing Microsoft Office System data, developing a plan to migrate data to the new applications.



Choose a thick or thin image deployment plan.

In cooperation with the Computer Imaging System feature team, decide whether Microsoft Office will be deployed as part of the desktop image (thick image) or after operating system image deployment (thin image).

Developing Phase

The following checklist describes the high-level steps in the Developing Phase.


High-level steps in the Developing Phase



Configure Microsoft Office deployment and customization.

Using the Office Customization Tool, create a customized Microsoft Office deployment.



Integrate the Microsoft Office deployment with BDD 2007.

Work with the Computer Imaging System feature team to integrate Microsoft Office into the desktop image (thick image) or to integrate it as a follow-on installation step (thin image).

Stabilizing Phase

Below are the major steps to accomplish during the Stabilizing Phase.


High-level steps in the Stabilizing Phase



Test the Microsoft Office deployment.

Test Microsoft Office installation as part of the overall desktop deployment process, resolving any issues that arise during this phase.

Deploying Phase

The Application Management feature team will monitor installation progress during this phase and respond to any issues. The team may also manage data-migration issues during this phase.


High-level steps in the Deploying Phase



Monitor 2007 Office system deployment.

Monitor 2007 Office system deployment during this phase, resolving any issues that may arise with undiscovered hardware configurations.



Manage Microsoft Office data conversions.

During this phase, users will begin using the new 2007 Office system programs. The Application Management feature team will respond to issues arising from incompatible file formats to ensure a smooth transition to the new suite.


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