Applications are an integral part of computer deployments in many organizations today. Because Microsoft Office is often a corporate standard application suite and because of its size, the BDD 2007 project treats it as a core application to be included in the base computer image used during the corporate deployment of the Windows Vista operating system. In this scenario, the Computer Imaging System and Application Management feature teams install the 2007 Office system on the disk image, and then deploy that disk image throughout the organization. This is called a thick image deployment.

In addition to describing how to customize the 2007 Office system, this guide describes an alternative scenario for organizations that have already deployed Windows Vista but have not yet deployed the 2007 Office system. In this scenario, the Application Management feature team customizes and prepares the 2007 Office system for deployment. The User State Migration feature team develops solutions for migrating existing documents, databases, and Microsoft Office–based applications. Last, the Deployment feature team distributes the customized 2007 Office system throughout the organization. This guide describes the tasks each team must complete to upgrade existing Microsoft Office XP and Microsoft Office 2003 configurations to the 2007 Office release.

Note   The follow-on installation scenario described above is used when deploying Windows Vista as a thin image.

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The work this document describes is typically started in the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) Planning Phase, in which information is collected. It continues through the Developing and Stabilizing Phases, in which the 2007 Office system upgrade is designed, built, tested, and piloted until it is approved for release to the Deploying Phase. The primary consumer for this guide is the MSF Development Role Cluster (specifically, the Application Management, User State Migration, and Deployment feature teams), because most of this guide focuses on the development work needed to create custom deployment packages.


To create a custom 2007 Office system installation, the lab must contain the following items:

  • Microsoft Office 2007 Resource Kit (ORK)

  • A network share to store the 2007 Office release source files

  • A computer on which to install, configure, and customize the 2007 Office system

  • The 2007 Office system volume license media

Prerequisites for applications that the Application Management feature team will chain to a 2007 Office system upgrade vary. In general, the team must have the applications’ source files and the tools necessary to customize the applications. The team must also have appropriate media for each application. In addition, the 2007 Office system developers must have access to the following materials:

  • Microsoft TechNet subscription

  • Microsoft Web site

  • A lab in which to work

Education and References

The following sources of education and references are available for deploying the 2007 Office system:


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