Implementing MSF

The remainder of this guide focuses on how to implement BDD 2007 by using the three main categories of the MSF Process Model: Planning (includes the Envisioning and Planning Phases), Developing (includes the Developing and Stabilizing Phases), and Deploying (includes the Deploying Phase). The guide describes the activities that should occur at each phase so that nothing is overlooked. The five phases of the MSF Process Model each culminate in an externally visible milestone.

Table 2 lists the three categories, shows the five MSF phases with which they align, and brief describes each MSF phase’s focus.

Table 2. MSF Categories and Phases


MSF phase

Focus of MSF phase



A project team is assembled. It defines the vision and scope of a solution that will meet the customer’s goals. The team then organizes the project and delivers an approved vision/scope document. The Product Management and Program Management Role Clusters take the lead during this phase.



The conceptual, logical, and physical design processes and functional specification are developed. The Program Management Role Cluster creates project plans addressing development, communication, and other tasks; and each role provides input to create the project schedule. The Program Management Role Cluster takes the lead during this phase.



The team builds and tests the solution. The Development Role Cluster takes the lead during this phase.



The team pilots the solution in preparation for production release. The Test Role Cluster takes the lead during this phase.



The team deploys the solution to all sites and ensures that it is stable and usable. Responsibility then shifts to IT Operations and the support teams. The Release Management Role Cluster takes the lead during this phase.


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