Appendix D: Using the Microsoft Software Inventory Analyzer

Use MSIA to help identify the number of licenses currently in use for several Microsoft applications and operating systems. If using MSIA for the first time, complete these steps:

  1. Download MSIA from and install it.

  2. Launch MSIA.

  3. Complete the wizard by selecting options to scan the entire network with appropriate credentials. When prompted, make these choices:

    • On the Scan Settings page, select Scan using Custom settings and Create Custom settings. Select an output location to save custom settings, which are specified later.

    • On the Local Or Network Scan page, select Network.

After creating custom settings, perform the audit again by selecting Scan using Custom settings and Load existing Custom settings on the Scan Settings page. After running MSIA, on the Completing the MSIA Wizard page, click License to enter the number of licenses that the organization owns. This information is used only when creating the report and is not sent to Microsoft.

For detailed instructions on how to use MSIA, including videos, visit


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