During the Envisioning Phase of a BDD 2007 implementation, the Test feature team lead, who is also a member of the project’s lead team, works with other lead team members to define the BDD 2007 project vision and scope and to assemble the Test feature team. For more information about team roles and activities during the Envisioning Phase, see the Plan, Build, and Deploy Guide.

The number of people responsible for testing and the range of test activities conducted depend to a large extent on the scope of the BDD 2007 deployment, the budget allocated for testing, the project timeline, and organizational priorities.

Typically, the BDD 2007 program manager selects the test lead from among those IT professionals who have the highest level of testing experience. At a minimum, prior experience as a test lead or team lead in a related IT capacity is strongly recommended. In addition, strong technical and team communication skills are essential for this position. Finally, strong organizational skills are also required, as the test lead is responsible for all test coordination.


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