User State Migration Feature Team Guide

Published: June 30, 2006 | Updated: November 30, 2006

This guide is designed to assist a specialist team through the user state migration tasks and checkpoints. The user state migration is part of the larger desktop deployment project and must be managed as such.

The work described in this guide typically starts in the planning phase, when the project team decides which applications to deploy. It continues through the developing and stabilizing phases, when the configuration files are coded, tested, and piloted until they are approved for release to the deploying phase.

Using This Guide

Quick-Start Guide and Checklist






Appendix A: Creating and Customizing Config.xml

Appendix B: Creating a Custom.xml File

Appendix C: Converting Control Files from Previous Versions of USMT

Appendix D: Importing and Exporting EFS Certificates

Appendix E: Preparing the BDD Distribution Share


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