Appendix E: Preparing the BDD Distribution Share

This appendix describes the process required to prepare the distribution share on the destination server for USMT operation.

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Installing the USMT Files Installing the USMT Files
Locating the Store Files Locating the Store Files
Locating the .xml Control Files Locating the .xml Control Files

Installing the USMT Files

The User State Migration feature team must copy the USMT binaries onto the destination server to support the migration process. This section gives examples of the different processes required to prepare the distribution share.

Using Deployment Workbench to Install USMT

Install the USMT installer files by using the Deployment Workbench, which is shown in Figure 8).

Figure 8. Installing USMT Components in BDD

Figure 8. Installing USMT Components in BDD

To download and install the USMT files

  1. In the Deployment Workbench, click the Components item.

  2. Click USMT in the Available section, and then click Install.

    USMT will be downloaded and installed to the appropriate location.

If the installation fails, the files can also be manually installed. See the next section for instructions for manually installing the USMT components.

Manually Installing the USMT Files

To manually install the USMT installation files, download and copy the USMT 3.0 files to the Tools\platform folder in the BDD 2007 distribution share, as shown in Table 7.

Table 7. USMT Installation Files


Copy to









Locating the Store Files

Create a share in a server designated during the planning process for locating the store files for the USMT. BDD 2007 uses values found in CustomSettings.ini to locate the user state store folder. Configure the properties in CustomSettings.ini to configure the locations shown in Table 8.

Table 8. USMT Store Location Settings




Network share for user store


User store folder


Controls user store location selection


Controls which user profiles will be migrated

Note   Team members can also use DVD-RW discs and local store files during a user state migration by not setting the UserDataLocation value. The Lite Touch wizard will then ask for the user data location. See the Configuration Reference Guide for more details about configuration settings.

Locating the .xml Control Files

The USMT uses the default versions of the migration .xml files unless the team member indicates the path to the custom .xml files. Place the path to custom .xml files in the CustomSettings.ini file in the Control folder of the BDD 2007 Distribution share. Inserting a line for USMTMigFiles causes BDD 2007 to use the listed files from migration control.

Use the following form for this line:

USMTMigFiles=MigApp.xml, MigUser.xml, MigSys.xml, MigCustom.xml

Note   See the Configuration Reference Guide for more details of configuration settings.


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