Appendix A: Common Questions

Which Windows Vista editions support KMS and MAK activation?

Volume-licensed editions of Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Enterprise support volume activation by both KMS and MAK activation methods.

Which Windows Server “Longhorn” editions support KMS and MAK activation?

Volume-licensed editions of Windows Server “Longhorn” support volume activation by both KMS and MAK activation.

Why do I need 25 computers to use the KMS activation model?

KMS requires an enterprise license key, which is not cost-effective for smaller organizations. In addition, Microsoft Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) research, customer TCO feedback on KMS, and the chances for abuse of illegally obtained KMS keys do not justify offering this service in smaller organizations.

Can I use OEM activation with BDD 2007?

OEM preloaded systems are activated with a certificate that binds the activation to the computer. For this reason, automating numerous deployments using OEM license certificates becomes difficult. However, OEM systems imaged with volume-licensed media can be activated using KMS. See “Appendix E: BDD Automation” for more information.

How does BDD 2007 work with KMS and MAK activation?

The Windows Deployment Wizard includes a page that allows entry of volume license information. Properly completing this page prepares the BDD infrastructure for the selected activation type. Administrators must handle additional tasks, such as setting up a KMS host and configuring any optional settings. See “Appendix E: BDD Automation” for more information.

What management tools are available for KMS environments?

Microsoft has developed a MOM Pack for KMS monitoring and management, SMS Service Pack 3 (SP3) will collect activation-specific data, and BDD 2007 has been designed to simplify KMS and MAK activation. Other operations management tool providers will likely provide equivalent functionality. A stand-alone tool will provide basic operations management and activation reporting for customers who do not have such tools. This tool will be made available through the Microsoft Download Center soon after Windows Vista is released.

Note   More volume activation questions and answers can be obtained from the Volume Activation 2.0 FAQ at


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