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This guide is intended to serve as a part of the Microsoft® Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) to guide a specialist team through BDD 2007 for Windows Vista™ and the 2007 Microsoft Office system deployment tasks and checkpoints. The goal is to ensure that the deployment is managed as a specific initiative of the specialist team within the scope of a larger deployment project. The objective is to have the decisions that the Deployment feature team makes within this initiative align with the overall project goals and have the deliverables well integrated into the total migration project.

Note   In this document, Windows applies to both the Microsoft Windows® XP and the Windows Vista operating systems unless otherwise noted.

Because this guide contains only guidance on installing Zero Touch Installation (ZTI) in the deployment process, reviewing the guides listed in Table 1 can further assist in customizing configuration settings for the environment.

Table 1. Other BDD 2007 Guides to Assist in Customization of Configuration Settings


This guide offers assistance to help

Deployment Feature Team Guide

Organize the teams within the organization. The guide also provides a high-level overview of the ZTI and Lite Touch Installation (LTI) deployment processes.

Lite Touch Installation Guide

Install LTI in the environment. The guide also includes information about how LTI works (including flowcharts) as well as troubleshooting information.

Deployment Configuration Guide

Further customize the configuration files used in ZTI and LTI. This guide also provides generic configuration guidance and a technical reference for configuration settings.

Deployment Configuration Samples Guide

Identify deployment scenarios and the corresponding configuration settings for ZTI and LTI. The sample configuration files in this guide can be used as a starting point for the configuration in the environment.

Computer Imaging System Feature Team Guide

Create the operating system images that are used during the ZTI and LTI deployment processes. This guide describes the process for creating deployment images by using Deployment Workbench.

Volume Activation Guide

For Windows Vista, design and deploy Volume Activation 2.0. Includes topics on the creation of limited-use product keys (called Multiple Activation Keys, or MAKs) and a Key Management Service (KMS) infrastructure.


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