Running the Deployment Wizard

To initiate the deployment of Windows to targeted target computers, run the Deployment Wizard in the SMS Administrator Console. The high-level steps for completing the Deployment Wizard include:

  1. Verify that the folders in Table 24 no longer exist on the target computer.

    The Windows Deployment Wizard creates and uses the folders listed in Table 24 during the deployment process. If a previous deployment was abnormally terminated, these folders may still exist on the target computer. Remove these folders, if they exist, before initiating deployment. These folders exist on os_drive (where os_drive is the drive where the operating system is installed).

    Table 24. Folders to Remove Prior to Initiating the Deployment Wizard




    This folder is preserved through the deployment process and contains deployment state information (such as users state migration information and log files).


    This folder contains state information specific to Task Sequencer.

  2. In the SMS Administrator Console, navigate to OSDImage (where OSDImage is the name of the SMS OSD Feature Pack operating system image to be deployed).

  3. Select the appropriate distribution points.

  4. Select the applications to advertise.

  5. Select the target collection for the image.

For more information about how to run the Deployment Wizard, see Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 Operating System Deployment Feature Pack Users Guide in the “Education and References” section of this guide.

Note   The images distributed to the distribution points are very large. For instances in which low-speed links connect sites, the images may not be available on the distribution points within the site for long periods of time (such as 24 hours or longer).


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