Importing Software Updates Catalogs

Software updates catalogs are imported in System Center Updates Publisher by using the Import Software Updates Catalog Wizard. Updates Publisher can import catalogs created by non-Microsoft organizations or catalogs created from within the internal organization, retrieve and import vendor catalogs that have been registered with Microsoft, add catalogs to the import list, and automatically check for newer versions of catalogs in the update list.


Updates Publisher 4.0 and Updates Publisher 3.0, with the fix applied from Knowledge Base article 944693 (, removes the quiet installation (/q) and no restart (/n) command-line parameters, if they are specified, for Windows Installer (.msi) or Windows Installer Patch software updates during the catalog import process. These command-line parameters are not supported by Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) 3.0 or WSUS 3.0 Service Pack 1.


Updates Publisher no longer supports software update definitions using the Registry Binary Value rule and the Digest attribute in the File Exists rule. Catalogs that contain software update definitions with these deprecated rules fail to import. Modify the software update definition to exclude these deprecated rules from the version of the publishing tool that was used when creating the software update definitions.

The following sections provide overview information and procedures for importing software updates catalogs and adding catalogs to the import list.

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  • How to Import Software Updates Catalogs
    Provides information about how to import software updates catalogs using the Updates Publisher start page and the Import Software Updates Catalog Wizard.

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