Exporting Software Updates

Software update definitions can be exported in System Center Updates Publisher by using the Export Wizard. The wizard can export specified software updates, or all updates with the publish flag set, to a cabinet (CAB) file that can then be imported by other publishing tools. In Updates Publisher 3.0 and Updates Publisher 4.0, the wizard can also export a test catalog Extensible Markup Language (XML) file for testing.

System Center Updates Publisher 4.0 added support for updates that have dependencies, such as drivers and bundles. During the export process for these updates, the update and its dependencies are exported. Updates with dependencies that are not in the local Updates Publisher database can be exported, but a warning message might display before the export process completes. Updates with dependencies cannot be exported for testing.


Updates Publisher no longer supports software update definitions using the Registry Binary Value rule and the Digest attribute in the File Exists rule. Catalogs that contain software update definitions with these deprecated rules fail to export. Remove deprecated rules in Updates Publisher by editing the software update definition, and then the Modify Update Wizard will automatically remove the deprecated rules when it opens. When the wizard completes, the software update definition can be exported.

The following topics provide information about the Export Wizard and the export process, and procedures for using the Export Wizard.

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