ResourceDictionary Object

Represents a collection of resource objects. In Silverlight 1.0, this collection is limited to containing storyboards that are used for animations.

<ResourceDictionary ...>
To create an object using scripting, see CreateFromXAML.

XAML Values

oneOrMoreNamedStoryboards One or more Storyboard object elements. Each Storyboard object element must specify the Name or x:Name attribute, and each Name or x:Name attribute value must be unique.


Count, Name


Add, Clear, Equals, FindName, GetHost, GetItem, GetValue, Insert, Remove, RemoveAt, SetValue


In Silverlight 1.0, the only valid content of a ResourceDictionary is one or more Storyboard objects. Each Storyboard must have a Name or x:Name value, and each name value must be unique in the containing namescope. Also, the ResourceDictionary object element is typically omitted, in favor of using the implicit collection syntax implied by the content type of the UIElement.Resources property element. Instead, you specify one or more Storyboard elements as content of a <UIElement.Resources> property element. See Interactive Animations Overview.

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