Title Property (Accessibility)

Gets or sets a string identifier for the Silverlight plug-in instance, which is reported to accessibility clients.

Cannot be used in XAML.
value = object.Title
object.Title = value

Property Value


A string that provides a human-readable identifier for the Silverlight plug-in instance and its content.

This property is read-write. The default value is the string "Silverlight Content".


The Title should be intuitive so that content viewers understand the Silverlight plug-in instance's meaning or purpose in the context of an HTML page. The string could be as simple as "Silverlight Content" (the default), but might instead summarize the specific visual content that a particular Silverlight plug-in instance is hosting. The Title is reported to accessibility clients with the expectation that it is presented to content viewers, and it is not intended to be merely a programmatic identifier.

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