SpreadMethod Property (LinearGradientBrush)

Gets or sets the type of spread method that specifies how to draw a gradient that starts or ends inside the bounds of the object to be painted.

<object SpreadMethod="GradientSpreadMethod" .../>
value = object.SpreadMethod
object.SpreadMethod = value

Property Value


A value of the GradientSpreadMethod enumeration that specifies type of spread method used to paint the gradient.

This property is read/write. The default value is Pad.


The following illustration shows the available spread methods and their effect on LinearGradientBrush and RadialGradientBrush. The red line indicates the gradient space. A LinearGradientBrush defines its gradient space with its StartPoint and EndPoint properties. A RadialGradientBrush defines its gradient space with its Center, RadiusX, and RadiusY properties.

GradientSpread settings

GradientSpread settings

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