Network Access Quarantine Control in Windows Server 2003

Published: March 24, 2003 | Updated: December 06, 2004


The Network Access Quarantine Control feature of Windows Server 2003 delays normal remote access to a private network until the configuration of the remote access computer has been examined and validated by an administrator-provided script. This paper describes the components of Network Access Quarantine Control, how it works, and how to deploy it using Windows Server 2003 remote access servers, the Connection Manager Administration Kit, and, optionally, Internet Authentication Service.

Included in This Document

  • How Network Access Quarantine Control Works

  • How to Deploy Network Access Quarantine Control

  • Alternate Configurations

  • Appendix A: Sample Quarantine Script

  • Appendix B: Network Access Quarantine Control Requirements

Note: Network Access Quarantine Control is not the same as Network Access Protection, which is a new policy enforcement platform that is being considered for inclusion in Windows Server "Longhorn," the next version of the Windows Server operating system. Network Access Quarantine Control only provides added protection for remote access connections. Network Access Protection provides added protection for virtual private network (VPN) connections, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) configuration, and Internet Protocol security (IPsec)-based communication. For more information about Network Access Protection, see the Network Access Protection Web site.


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