Item Object

Contains an item on an imaging Device. See the Items (Device) property or Items (Item) property for details on accessing Item objects.

Members Table

The following table lists the members exposed by the Item object.

Method Description
ExecuteCommand (Item) Issues the command specified by CommandID.
Transfer Retrieves an ImageFile object from an imaging device.
Property Description
Commands (Item) Retrieves a collection of all commands for this Item object.
Formats (Item) Retrieves a collection of all supported format types for this Item.
ItemID Retrieves the ItemID for this Item.
Items (Item) Retrieves a collection of all child items for this item
Properties (Item) Retrieves a collection of all properties for this Item.
WiaItem (Item) Retrieves the underlying IWiaItem interface for this Item.


Note that the imaging item that the Item object represents is independent of the Item object. A user can delete an imaging item while your application is using it. Accessing an Item object's properties or methods after this occurs can result in errors.

For example code, see Enumerate Root Level Items and Display Their Names in Shared Samples.

Object Information

CLSID Not available
Minimum operating systems Windows XP SP1

See Also

ShowItemProperties, ShowTransfer, ExecuteCommand (Device), GetItem, ExecuteCommand (Item), Item (Items)