Items Object

Contains a collection of Item objects. See the Items (Device) property or Items (Item) property for details on accessing the Items object.

Members Table

The following table lists the members exposed by the Items object.

Method Description
Add (Items) Adds a new Item.
Remove (Items) Removes the designated Item.
Property Description
Count (Items) Retrieves the number of members in the Items collection.
Item (Items) Retrieves the specified item in the collection by position.


Note that the Items of a Device or Item object can change, so be careful not to assume that the Count (Items) or order of a given collection will not change.

For example code, see Determine the Number of Items Returned by ShowSelectItems in Shared Samples.

Object Information

CLSID Not available
Minimum operating systems Windows XP SP1

See Also

ShowSelectItems, Items (Device), Items (Item)